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Resources Found:



A local social entrepreneurship corp. creating augmented reality learning apps for students to support science and language/ESOL education.

360ed Tech


Designing Biomimetic Robots is an interdisciplinary learning curriculum that engages students in biomimicry design challenges.

TERC, Tufts University Center for Science Eduction + NSF


BioScann is a web-based learning platform to help high school teachers educate their students about bioscience careers in an hands-on way.

Tufts University Center for Science Education

Educate on Purpose Courses

Low-cost PD courses including multiple approved Massachusetts OAPL courses.

Educate on Purpose

Great Diseases

Co-developed by teachers and scientists, The Great Diseases curriculum provides a biological framework for students to learn high school biology in a more relevant and immediate context.

Tufts University Center for Science Education

I am STEM Lesson Library

Search lesson plans for PreK-7 based on solving problems in books using everyday + recyclable materials.

WPI STEM Education Center

Mass Audubon Professional Development

Mass Audubon’s Professional Development programs are designed to increase content knowledge, provide teachers with hands-on, STEM-focused learning experiences, and offer resources for teaching engaging, inquiry-based science lessons in the schoolyard or classroom.

Mass Audubon

Next Generation Science Exemplar OAPL Sessions

Stipends and PDPs are available for all courses for eligible MA educators. See course-specific information for details.


PBS Learning Media

Search lesson plans + learning resources across all STEM subjects.



Discover free + accessible curricula and learning materials from TERC.


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